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Corporate/Product Launches

It’s visual.
The chess board is projected onto a gigantic screen and when the Knight’s tour is over, the company’s logo of the same gigantic size is left on the screen

It’s bewildering.
The audience is brought to an acute state of suspense as the Knight’s tour progress.

It’s intelligent.
This is not a mere magic trick. The performer proves beyond any doubt that he has heightened memory and mathematical skills to conduct this tour.

CORPORATE LAUNCHES – The Chess Knight's Tour

This is the most modern and novel way of launching a product, revealing a logo or conveying an important message.

A chess board of desired size is projected on to a gigantic screen from a laptop. The board is numbered 1 to 64. The performer explains how the Knight moves on the chess board. He proposes to take up the challenge of making the Knight jump on all 64 squares without ever repeating a jump. The performer is assisted by a member of the audience whose job is to click on the square the performer calls out. As he clicks on each square, the square disappears, partly revealing a picture behind the chess board.

As the Knight’s tour progresses, various squares are clicked, revealing more and more of the picture behind the chess board. Finally, as the last square is clicked, the full picture is revealed, which could be the company logo or the product being launched. The whole event looks bewildering because the performer is blindfolded throughout the Knight’s tour and he cannot see anything.

This has been successfully used in Dubai to launch Real Estate Towers and Company Logo for IAL, Kodak, Etisalat, Commercial Bank of Dubai etc.

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