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Are you looking for the right kind of entertainment to spice up your event/ evening?.

Do you have a new product or a new logo to launch? Do you wish to do that in a novel and intriguing manner that would leave an indelible impression on the audience mind?

We have the right solution for your requirements


The Sixth Sense – the most amazing, mind boggling and yet humorous entertainment is here in Dubai.

Unique and unknown to many, the mentalism show The Sixth Sense is taking the Dubai corporate world by storm!!

To know more about The Sixth Sense and how it can spice up your event, click here



Launch your new Product or new Logo using the Chess Knight Tour. The product or the logo will be revealed on a huge screen on the stage. The screen can be as big and as many as you want it to be. It is highly visual, impressive and entertaining.

To learn more about Corporate launches and Chess Knight Tour, click here.


So, what is a “Mentalism” show??

No, don’t look for the word “mentalism” in the dictionary. You won’t find it there.

Mentalism is all about the human mind, its immense power and infinite possibilities. It is a very unique form of art where the mentalist performs astounding feats such as predicting the outcome of events, discerning the thoughts of a spectator, making objects move or change shape (telekinesis), duplicating drawings done by spectators, influencing their behaviour etc.

A mentalism show has to be seen and experienced to understand the hidden and unrealised powers of the human mind. The mentalism show is intelligent, humorous, interactive, intriguing and at the same time makes the audience aware of the hidden power within them.

Click on The Sixth Sense for more on mentalism.

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